Life Interrupted Masterclass

Life Interrupted Masterclass

taught by Danita Scott
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Danita  Scott
Danita Scott
Owner Danita A. Scott LLC

About the instructor

 My name is Danita Scott and I am performance specialist, action-oriented speaker, and a life coach for a women's  program. I created this  for purpose-driven women who want to get out of existing and get into living. I love to help women move out of a place of complacency and into freedom, I call this my Life Interrupted Model. You can create the life you want but you may need some help and I am here to do just that.

  • Together we can eliminate the unproductive patterns that keep you from achieving your dreams.

  • Together we can create a plan for accountability, action and positive life interruption.

  • Together we can accomplish big goals and smash limiting beliefs.

  • Together we can win in life! 

My educational background supports my desire to implement positive change in the lives of others. I have a Bachelor of Science in Organizational Management from Ashford University, and Master's of Education in Training and Performance Improvement specializing in Adult Education from Capella University.

Are you a day dreamer?

Then this message is for you!  Growing up I only got up in trouble for one thing daydreaming.  I spent hours almost every day daydreaming about different things. From childhood to adulthood I spent so much time dreaming.   The major thing I dreamed about as was a life full of freedom, clarity and purpose. I found myself with hundreds of notebooks full of dreams many of them never materialized. My dreams felt so beautiful and comfortable making them into a reality was somehow was just outside my reach. 

Why, I stopped dreaming!

I was successful in many ways but I had many important dreams that I left on the sidelines of my life. So here is the deal everyone else looked saw a successful person. How could this possibly not be the life that I really wanted?  Underneath the surface I knew this is not the life I signed up for and needed want to break free. 

  • I was  stuck in the “automatic  zone of my life”. In the automatic zone and days ran into week and months. I used to say things like I new day same problems and the problems never ended.
  • I needed the courage to go after my real dreams?
  • I felt like I constantly had to put myself on the back burner?
  • I was successful but I felt trapped in that success. 

Do you have big plans without big results? 

Here is the truth if you’re struggling in your life I know it’s scary I’ve been there. As a highly successful woman making an intentional life shift has big consequences for you because you have so much on the line. If you are wondering if you can create the life you really want and go after your real dreams the answer is…. you can. However, the truth is,  you may need help to make that happen and I can help you!

Are you struggling with procrastination, fear or trying to make something perfect before you start? 

Some of my biggest dreams 18 months ago included: 

  • Creating a plan for quitting my job in pursuing a life based on having freedom with my time.
  • Writing a book 
  • Travel when I want to!
  •  Living a life that I was actually proud of!

I no longer dream about my life and the success I want to achieve I stay awake to achieve it. I can say I have reached my all of these goals without working a traditional job!

 Before this shift I was successful in my life; I had a great job, I'm highly educated, I had great bosses/coworkers, family and friends but the way I had to achieve success was so stressful it wasn't the life that I wanted. I had a life is full of constant pressure, anxiety, stress and very little freedom. I began to think that stress and feeling overwhelmed was normal. 

I kept asking myself every day will I ever see what I want to see from life? When I do you will I be too old or worn out to even enjoy it? So I made the bold decision to quit my job and reorganize my life.  It was the best choice of my life! I am definitely not saying you should quit your job to reorganize your life but I am saying in order to get out of dream mode you have to make changes! 

Are you looking for a solution that works? 
My new life is not full of magic formulas or 17 steps,  it's daily choices that lead me in the direction what I would really want from life. I constantly find ways to ask myself this one question: What is it that I really want from life and how can I go for it now?  As a result of my personal experience and working with my amazing clients I've developed I call My Life Interrupted Model. I'm want to teach this method/mentality to you in an honest and upfront way.

I'm hosting a 6 week masterclass for 10 people. I will honestly and openly talk about all of the real issues behind making a major life shift and creating an action plan that works. 

In this class we will address:

  • The Money it’s not stopping you!  
  • How will I ever have the Time!
  • Motivation and why it doesn’t work (what to do instead)
  • Clarity the next steps
  • How to Eliminate the Root of Procrastination
  • Never Let Perfectionism stop you again!

Together we will create realistic and actionable strategic plan. You will receive accountability, clarity and you will take action on your desires. 


Master class format: (all meetings held via Zoom and will be recorded)

  • Weekly group classes 
  • Accountability plan
  • Weekly Action Items 
  • Benefit of a group class  environment 
  • Private Facebook Group to address daily action items and for group support
  • 3 coaching one on one calls with me to strengthen and clarify your action plans. 

The Investment
The investment for the masterclass is

  •   $297 One full payment 
  • 2 Payments of  $167
  • TO 3 Payments of  $97 

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You will also get access to my new program self paced program Life Interrupted (a $49.97 value) which helps you clarify and strengthen true goals. 

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Life Interrupted Master Class
Who this class is for!

  • People tired of seeing success in all of the areas of their life but their biggest dreams
  • Women that have tried vision board, planners and success methods but are still struggle with procrastination 
  • This class is for women that struggle with perfectionism
  •  If you desire a high level of accountability  to accomplish your goals

Who is class is not for

  • If you are not open to new methods of accomplishing your dreams
  • If you are not looking to a high level of support to accelerate your success
  • If you to busy to invest time into your success
  • If you are not looking to make a major personal shift into your true desires 

What are others saying about working with Me: 

“If you feel stuck, not sure how to reach or accomplish your goals or need motivation, you need Danita Scott's life coaching services. In just one evening, she helped me focus on what makes me happy and what I am truly passionate about doing on a regular basis. Then she gave simple methods to plan how to incorporate those things that make me happy into my daily life and how to create measurable steps and design my life to implement career goals related to my passion and purpose. Danita helps interrupt your thoughts that are preventing you from having the life you want and being happy. The Get Interrupted workshop is an intimate environment that Danita creates for her guests to feel comfortable in taking time to get in tune with themselves and what they really want out of life. It was the best two hours I could have spent on a weeknight to help me obtain the motivation I needed to implementing those things I want to see manifest in my life. Please attend the next The Get Interrupted workshop if you want a life changing experience that will propel you to the next level.”

Tiffany Coleman-Attorney At Law

 “I met Danita several months ago and we connected really quickly. I had the pleasure of working with her on a project and got a chance to experience her "take action now" concept. I had been bashful about doing a video to promote my business. For some reason, I felt everything had to be perfect to do it. She challenged me on the spot, took my phone, and gave me 1 minute to think of a topic to speak about on video. With her encouragement, I thought of a topic and the next thing I know, she was recording me speaking into the camera! I was not only amazed at myself for doing it, I was even more amazed at how Danita was able to "interrupt" my thought process of thinking all conditions had to be perfect for me to share my knowledge with others. Since then, I have gone on to do more videos but this time with Facebook Live! I am no longer fearful and feel all things have to be perfect. Thanks Danita! You definitely have a gift and, for that, I truly appreciate you.”

Nickquolette Barrett

CEO of iRock Resumes Career Development Expert  

There is no issue in my life and business that I can't work through with Danita Scott. Her ability to meet me where I am and guide me through my mental blocks is astounding. Danita's assistance in helping me clear out the "clutter" in my head so that I can hear the truth of my situation has led to breakthroughs in both business and my home life. Expect to move towards complete resolution within your mind and business with Danita Scott.”

Dionne Dean  
Owner of ‘Styled by Dionne Dean’  Beauty and Style Expert 

 Don't enter 2018 with a dream and no plan let's win together. 

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Life Interrupted Master Class 

Course Contents

6 Videos
3 Texts
2 PDFs
2 Presentations
6.0 hrs