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  • Launch Your Course for Profit

    HAVE YOU EVER SAID TO YOURSELF… I want to create a course but I don’t know where to get started? I have a a great idea but I don’t know how that could translate into an online course? Or maybe you can relate to this…I’ve tried this before and I have a great idea but something happens when I try to put his all together? This is called analysis-paralysis this is the part where you talk yourself out of the process you constantly have to start over….OMGEEZZ I have been there so many times! The worst part of the process is the tech….the tech….OMGEEZ who can keep up with it! Do you need an LMS or a CRM maybe a whole tech team and who has time to learn all of this stuff…. nevermind I am officially overwhelmed. The worst part of this whole thing is that you know you are an expert because people are always trying to “pick your brain” for free. These people say they love you but paying for your expertise is out of the question….or is it?  If you are stuck on where to start…and think you’ll never catch up to the learning curve your are officially in the right place!!!!

  • What you will learn

    WHAT YOU WILL LEARN... Tools and Tech needed to create your online course How to use technology to your advantage to create your online course Free and Low-Cost Tools to create your course How to do a simple audio edit with no tech skills How to Use an LMS (Learning Management System) to sell your courses and Uploading your content on to a Learning Management System with no tech skills Embed links into your content Use Zoom to create video/audio content for your course Most importantly how to Profit from your 1st course!


    WHO SHOULD TAKE THIS CLASS... Entrepreneurs & part-time business Owners Coaches & consultants Authors & speakers Volunteer leaders Anyone who wants to teach a class but has limited Tech Skills and a limited budget for creating an online course

Course curriculum

  • 1
    Launch Your Course Phase One
    • Welcome To Course for Profit
    • A message from the Danita!
    • Launch Your Course Week One Your Brilliant Ideal
    • Launch Your Course Ideal Customer
    • Launch Your Course Week One E-Workbook
  • 2
    How to Sale
    • The Validation Process-How to Sale Your Course
    • The Validation Process
    • Payment Processors Part One
    • Payment Processors Part Two
    • Payment Processors PDF
  • 3
    Phase Two-Content Creation
    • Content Creation
    • Create Content Fast PDF
    • How to Use Zoom
    • How to use Zoom PDF
    • How to Create an E-book in 90 mins-Canva Demo
    • Launch Your Course Phase 2 and 3
  • 4
    Facebook Groups
    • How to use Facebook Groups to Enhance your Course
    • Facebook Groups
  • 5
    Phase Three-Launch and Analyze
    • How to Use Thinkific Part One
    • Thinkific Part 2 edit
    • Launch Your Course Full E-book
    • Launch Your Course-Using an LMS- PDF
    • How to make a video tutorial-ebook

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