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Execute Your Brilliance

When you are ready to more out of life! | taught by Danita Scott
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Danita  Scott
Danita Scott
Owner Danita A. Scott LLC

About the instructor

 My name is Danita Scott and I am performance specialist, action-oriented speaker, and a life coach for a women's  program. I created this  for purpose-driven women who want to get out of existing and get into living. I love to help women move out of a place of complacency and into freedom, I call this my Life Interrupted Model. You can create the life you want but you may need some help and I am here to do just that.

  • Together we can eliminate the unproductive patterns that keep you from achieving your dreams.

  • Together we can create a plan for accountability, action and positive life interruption.

  • Together we can accomplish big goals and smash limiting beliefs.

  • Together we can win in life! 

My educational background supports my desire to implement positive change in the lives of others. I have a Bachelor of Science in Organizational Management from Ashford University, and Master's of Education in Training and Performance Improvement specializing in Adult Education from Capella University.

Execute Your Brilliance

If you need accountability, strategy, and action, to produce your next level of results this program is for you. 

 My name is Danita Scott and I am performance specialist, action-oriented speaker, and a life coach for women a program. I created the Execute your Brilliance for purpose-driven women who are looking for support to execute their highest goals. This program is not filled with magic dust, fairy tales, and hope. As a coach, I will help you to clear the clutter to establish a powerful, meaningful, and realistic goal then we will move forward into action to accomplish this goal.  I believe if you are focused on the right goal, with the right support, you can get more done in less time and love your life while doing so! 

You need this program if you are struggling to get more done in your life but you struggle with...





Doubting yourself? 

or Negative Self Talk?    

As a purpose driven woman, you are unique because the time in your is connected to a bigger mission, vision, and achieving personal goals is not about checking off a list full of goals it is about fulfilling the reason for your existence. For this reason, you deserve to get support to see these dreams come to past.

Is this  for you? I created this program for three types of women are you one of them?

The Super Learner

This women is always taking the latest class, training, going to the next conference or what ever will get her the knowledge she needs to be successful. This woman struggles execute  what she is learning. She is at a breaking point where she not sure if will ever see what she desires. 

  • Truth: You are Disciplined and Focus
  • Deeper Problem: You are a Perfectionist  
  • Results= You Never see your dreams come true

The Super Woman

This woman's desire is to take over the world. She is super talented and wants to accomplish everything! Her ultimate desire is to impact the world🌎 with her gift  but figuring out which dream to execute and when so hard get these women get stuck, feel overwhelmed, and become lost. πŸ™‡πŸ½‍πŸ™‡πŸ½‍These women know that change is possible but need help to follow the process.

The Super Woman

  • Truth: You are Super talented and highly accomplished
  • Goal: Take over the  world 🌎
  • Issue:  Knowing which dream to execute at what time
  • Results: Stuck and Overwhelmed

This woman is strong in their faith πŸ™ŒπŸ™Œ. Her deepest desire is to experience all that their faith promises but struggle with procrastination, overthinking ) and trying to make it perfect before they start. (That was my big issue ❀️) Ultimately this woman knows that anything is possible but they don't know if it is possible for them. She's is a little afraid to try again because she doesn't want to experience a faith disappointment again.

The Woman of Faith

  • Truth: You have beautiful life changing ideas you have life a clear purpose. You are Strong in your faith πŸ™ŒπŸ™Œ
  • Goal: Experience all faith promises
  • Issue: Procrastination, overthinking and waiting for ....God!
  • Result: Lacks results limits confidence in faith

What we will cover:

  1. Just get started 
  2. Clarifying your vision
  3. Time Management for Amplified Focus
  4. Money is not the Problem
  5. Stop Overthinking! Getting into action mode/No Longer Perfect 
  6. How to Eliminate the Root of Procrastination
  7. Say NO! To get more done 
  • Together we will create realistic and actionable strategic plan. You will receive accountability, clarity and you will take action on your desires.

I will also bring in community experts to amplify your success in our focused areas. 

Masterclass format: (all meetings held via Zoom and will be recorded)

Weekly group classes

Accountability plan

Weekly Action Items

Benefit of a group class  environment

Private Facebook Group for support

Program Start Date  Sunday April 22, 2018

5:30pm-7:00pmEST through

The Investment:

$24.95 monthly

Why is this class such a low cost?

I wanted to create something I have never seen before in the coaching world. I wanted to mix faith, entrepreneurship and finally getting around to executing your goals. I did not want my clients to take one more class where they left empowered without results. 

This is the only time this class will be taught at this rate this year. So take advantage!  

  • Who this class is for!
  • People tired of seeing success in all of the areas of their life but their biggest dreams
  • Women that have tried vision board, planners and success methods but are still struggle with procrastination 
  • This class is for women that struggle with perfectionism
  •  If you desire a high level of accountability  to accomplish your goals

Who is class is not for

  • If you are not open to new methods of accomplishing your dreams
  • If you are not looking to a high level of support to accelerate your success
  • If you to busy to invest time into your success
  • If you are not looking to make a major personal shift into your true desires 


  • When is the next Execute your Brilliance  Enrollment? There is no official date for the next open enrollment, but the price will have gone up.
  • How long will Execute Your Brilliance Enrollment stay open? Open Enrollment closes Friday, April 29th @ 11:59PM EST..
  • Are the courses live, or pre-recorded? The Execute your Brillance foundation   courses are pre-recorded, so you can go at your own pace, but the additional classes and Weekly check ins are done live.
  • Can I go at my own pace? Yes, you can go through all the courses at your own pace.
  • Can I cancel if I do not like it? Yes, there is no contract at all so you can cancel at anytime.

Course Contents

6 Videos
7 PDFs

Course Curriculum

Say No! So you can you can say Yes to what matters
Systems that work! Top ranked productivity systems
Overthinking+Perfectionism=Procrastination (AKA Productivity Robber)
Getting unstuck: The lies we tell ourselves that rob productivity
Tap into your super power: Rest and Single Tasking
Stop thinking about it! Do it then learn how to do it better!
Trusting yourself: How to build faith in your intuition