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Danita Scott

Life Interrupted DIY Workshop

Are you a successful woman that is wondering is there more to life? From everyone else standards you have it all. You know there’s something missing. Feeling stuck? Unfulfilled? Want to make a change but you don’t know how. This workshop is for you!

Danita Scott

Life Interrupted Masterclass

The Life Interrupted Master Class is for women that want to get out of the “Automatic zone of life”. If you are wondering if you can create the life you really want and go after your real dreams the answer is…. you can.

Danita Scott

Execute your Brilliance Movement

If you need accountability, strategy, and action, to produce your next level of results this program is for you. I will help you to clear the clutter to establish a powerful, meaningful, and realistic goal then we will move forward into action.

Danita Scott

Get More Done Today (training and e-book)

I created the Get More Done Today e-book and mini training for purpose-driven women who are looking to become more productive in their lives. I believe if you are focused on the right goal, with the right support, you can get more done in less time!

Danita Scott

Create a online course in a day!

Have you wanted to create an online course but you just don't know how to? Do you need to create an online course for your business, for work, or a volunteer project? Or have you tried to create an online course, BUT the process felt you overwhelmed

Danita Scott

Execute Your Course